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Set sail on a remarkable voyage while prioritizing your well-being with our comprehensive collection of products, including travel hygiene, first aid, various remedies, and sun protection, to help you stay healthy on a cruise. We understand the importance of maintaining your wellness during your travels, and we’ve curated an assortment of essentials that ensure a rejuvenating and worry-free experience on the high seas.

Clorox To-Go
disinfecting wipes

Amazon — from $5

We Care Face masks 50 pack

Amazon — from $15

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer: 8 pack

Amazon — from $12

Tylenol Cold Max Daytime Non-Drowsy Cold and Flu Relief

Amazon — from $15

Advil Multi-symptom Cold and Flu

Amazon — from $17.25

Allegra Fexofenadine

Amazon — from $14

Flonase Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray

Amazon — from $16

Claritin Loretadine

Amazon — from $20

Bonine Motion
Sickness pills

Amazon — from $6

Sea Band
Anti-Nausea band

Amazon — from $8

MQ Motion Sickness patches

Amazon — from $9

Ginger Tummy

Amazon — from $14

Reef Safe

Amazon — from $20

Anti-chafing stick

Amazon — from $11

Reef Safe Mineral Fusion
Brush-on Sun Defense powder

Amazon — from $16

SunBum Lip Balm
pack of 3

Amazon — from $9.25

Protect Life Store

Amazon — from $16

Neosporin ointment

Amazon — from $5

Cortizone-10 anti-itch

Amazon — from $6.50

Cliganic Deet-
free bands

Amazon — from $7

Off! Botanicals
Insect Repellent

Amazon — from $6.50

Bug Bite

Amazon — from $19

AUVON pill
box 7 days

Amazon — from $7

DenTek Temparin

Amazon — from $5

Liquid IV: 16 pouches

Amazon — from $22.50

Abreva cold
sore treatment

Amazon — from $12.75

Embark on a journey of well-being and unlock a world of possibilities. Explore our comprehensive collection of products, carefully crafted to enhance your cruise experience while keeping your health in top form. Choose vitality, choose wellness, and choose a memorable voyage that you’ll cherish forever.
Start your wellness odyssey now and ensure your cruise is not only a spectacular adventure but a rejuvenating one too! Bon voyage to a healthier you!